Vacheron Constantin Partners With The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York

Vacheron Constantin has formed an important partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), a renowned art museum founded in 1870. This collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to preserving and passing on knowledge and expertise, reflecting the Maison’s deep appreciation for the world of art and culture that has continually fueled its creativity.

The Maison’s dedication to perpetually learning and transmitting knowledge is a core aspect of its heritage. Dating back to its founding in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has a tradition of apprenticeship and skill transfer. The founder, Jean-Marc Vacheron, signed an apprenticeship contract, marking the beginning of the Vacheron watchmaking dynasty. This commitment to teaching the art of watchmaking has endured throughout the brand’s history. Today, Vacheron Constantin continues to integrate apprentices into its production process, ensuring that artisans and watchmakers understand and uphold the craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Vacheron Constantin’s CEO, Louis Ferla, emphasizes the pursuit of excellence as an ongoing challenge and a constant process of learning. The partnership with The Met allows both institutions to highlight their shared commitment to knowledge transmission and artistic preservation. It also underlines Vacheron Constantin’s historical ties to the United States, where the brand has crafted exceptional timepieces for American collectors over the centuries.

As part of this partnership, Vacheron Constantin has introduced the “One of Not Many Mentorship Program” in collaboration with individuals whose work embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and creativity. This program includes collaborations with Abbey Road Studios to support young musicians and with CHAN Chun Wai, a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, to mentor promising young talents.

The Met is known for its dedication to mentorship and education, making art accessible to diverse audiences through various programs and initiatives. The Met’s Education Department offers a wide range of educational events and opportunities, promoting art appreciation and scholarship.

The collaboration between Vacheron Constantin and The Met represents centuries-old links between the watchmaker and the United States. This partnership not only honours their shared values but also introduces a new dimension of artistic and cultural exchange through joint creative projects.

The partnership will support The Met’s mission-driven activities and include various collaborations, such as an artist-in-residency program, educational initiatives, special events, and the creation of exceptional timepieces inspired by artworks from The Met’s collection.