Swatch X Supriya Lele – It’s the latest collaboration between the Swiss Watch brand and a British designer

The Swatch x Supriya Lele collection is the result of the latest collaboration between the Swiss watch brand and emerging fashion designer Supriya Lele. The London stylist with Indian roots won the LVMG Prize Fund in 2019 and has since developed her independent brand, producing pieces inspired by her two cultures, characterized by sheer fabrics, sari-inspired drapes, and the traditional Madras chess, which has been gaining a legion of fans and prominence in the specialized press such as British Vogue, Indian Vogue and The New York Times.

There are five watches resulting from this collaboration, with three featuring the Madras chess pattern and two featuring Hindi numbers on the dial whose inspiration is described in the designer’s words “I looked at my minimalist silhouettes, at traditional saris worn by transparent overlays, ink of dyed black squid, peacock blue and yellow tones and Madras plaid for inspiration. The Swatch SKIN CLASSIC was the perfect ‘canvas’ and wears like a second skin – its lightweight minimalist look has many synergies with my creative vision”.

All watches come in organic materials packages that confirm the brand’s responsibility for sustainable materials and can be purchased at official Swatch stores for €120.


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