Swatch in Partnership with Santini launch the Swatch “Santini” and the Ice Cream Flavor “Swatch”

The Swiss watch brand Swatch and the Portuguese handmade ice cream brand Santini decided to mark on June 30, to celebrate the summer by launching in partnership the Swatch “Santini” and the ice cream flavor “Swatch”. At the origin of this partnership is the sharing of values, tradition, innovation, and originality that unites the two brands.

The Swatch “Santini” is a model that already exists in the watch brand’s collection, but now incorporates a loop with the signature of the “Santini” brand, becoming an exclusive model for Portugal. With regard to the new ice cream “Swatch” flavor, it is composed of white chocolate with pieces of dark chocolate, which translates into an explosion of flavor that, together with the acquisition of the watch, originates the better sensory memory, according to the two brands.

The new Swatch “Santini” comes in a 41mm white resign case decorated with red vertical stripes on the face that extend across the dial, where they curve to form a heart shape, the same stripes extend across the strap, on the dial the hours and minutes hands stand out for their light blue tones that combine with the blue of the buckle tongue and the signature of “Swatch” at 12 o’clock. As mentioned before, this exclusive version features a custom white loop with the signature “Santini”. The watch comes in a white cardboard box decorated with ice creams front and back and sides with the signatures of both brands.

The red and white stripes of the Swatch “Santini” are exactly the same colors that decorate Santini stores and that are also its brand image.

The watch is available at Santini stores and Swatch boutiques, for a price of € 60, and whoever buys it will receive a gift voucher for a small ice cream, which can be used at any Santini store for a period of 2 months.

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