New Year’s Message

At the end of this atypical year full of trials, in which many saw friends and family leave, I cannot let myself be grateful to be healthy.


For me and the rest of the team, this was also MRSTATELESS ‘first year on the air for just over 4 months. We are very grateful to all of you, even though we are far from what we want MRSTATELESS to be, but we took the most important step of starting.


We believe that in 2021 we will bring more and better content and put into operation the videos and podcasts that many of you have already questioned us about and we assure you that we are deeply committed.


Also, 2021 will bring news in our online store, which at the moment is only working at 5%, we promise to bring many news, innovative products and services, some of them directed to brands.


We are only 5 plus 2, but we believe that soon we will be more.


Thank you very much to all, customers, followers, partners, but above all Friends, that is how we see you, that the new year will bring you many achievements.


Cheers, my Friends.


Credits from Eva Boer.