Montblanc Celebrates 100 Years Of The Meisterstück: A Century Of Excellence

In 2024, Montblanc celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Meisterstück writing instrument, first launched in 1924 under the name Simplo. The Meisterstück, meaning “masterpiece” in German, was created in response to customer requests for a refined writing instrument for special occasions. Its name and exceptional craftsmanship quickly elevated it to cultural icon status.


Historical Development

1924-1935: The Meisterstück line was introduced by Simplo Füllfedergesellschaft. Notable features included the number “4810,” symbolizing the height of Mont Blanc, and gold rings added to the lid in 1928.

1935-1951: The company was renamed Montblanc Simplo GmbH. New designs featured cylindrical shapes, a single wide ring, bold clips, and two-tone nibs. In 1937, the three golden rings, symbolizing the company’s founders, were introduced.

1949-1959: Post-war innovations led to a streamlined look. The iconic 149 model was launched in 1952, featuring the first Doué models and the soft ‘Wing nib’.

1960-1976: Modern production methods were adopted. The “Linie 60” models used injection-moulded resin, but the 149 model retained its classic “cigar” shape.

1973-Present: The classic “cigar-shaped” Meisterstück was revived in the early 1970s, marking Montblanc’s commitment to luxury. The 1980s saw the introduction of the Solitaire line. The Meisterstück continues to evolve while maintaining its core design codes.


Key Features

– Cigar shape

– Montblanc emblem on the lid

– Handcrafted gold nib (Au 585/14K or Au 750/18K) engraved with “4810”

– Three gold rings on the lid, representing the founders Lausen, Voss, and Dziambor

The Meisterstück remains a timeless symbol of writing culture, cherished for its elegance and historical significance.


Centenary Celebration

With its black cigar-shaped design, three golden rings, and handcrafted golden nib, the Meisterstück has become synonymous with Montblanc as Maison’s most recognized product. To mark a century since this global symbol of writing culture was first introduced in 1924, Montblanc has partnered with Oscar-winning American director and screenwriter Wes Anderson to create a campaign that takes viewers on a journey into the extraordinary world of Montblanc seen through the filmmaker’s eyes.

The film is full of sophisticated humour and subtle and not-so-subtle references to the Maison’s DNA and its luxury companions: the mountain setting in the opening scene is a reference to the name and logo of the company that represents the snow-capped peak of Mont Blanc; the imaginary High Mountain Library of the Montblanc Observatory is a reference to the brand’s recent Library Spirit campaign, which highlights the inspiring power of libraries and Montblanc’s connection to the universe of words; and the desk is the place where the magic of writing and creation happens.

On May 21, 2024, Montblanc debuted its new campaign in Lisbon to celebrate the centenary of its iconic Meisterstück writing instrument, during an exclusive event at the emblematic boutique on Avenida Liberdade. The event was attended by guests Manuel Luís Goucha, Carolina Nashtai, and Gonçalo Uva, as well as important customers and friends of the brand, joining the General Director of Iberia, Celia Gonzalez Cruza. Manuel Luís Goucha was in charge of entertaining the guests and taking them back to 1924, the year this “masterpiece” was born.