Memories of a Leica

Another masterpiece


Hello! How do you do? I and my camera Leica M3 are just fine… It’s no use making offers to buy it. It’s not for selling!

But let me tell you about my camera. I still remember when I was a teenager some guy, if I recall, a professional photographer, tried to buy it. How dared him?! Taking advantage of an innocent child! Of course, he was aware I would one day inherit that beautiful camera, so it was a low blow! Fortunately, I was able to convince my father not to sell. I turned to him and asked very seriously: “You wouldn’t disinherit me, would you dear father?” And he didn’t. That was a close one, I guess.

Since I was a little baby, my dear father took me photos with Leica M 3. He really enjoyed photography. Some people thought he was a real professional photographer because he had the looks of a photographer. All my life until my thirties is well documented in albums. Some photos he took me are really embarrassing, so I will never show them to anyone. No one likes to be humiliated in public.

Like I said he enjoyed taking photos but sometimes he cut my head off! I guess it happens to the best photographers, right?

This beauty takes marvellous photos. I know what some people will say, buy a digital camera sucker! Come on! This camera is Marylin Monroe in her thirties! It´s my “girl” and I won’t sell it for anything! However, I will exchange it for bread if things get a little rough in the future, are you digging?

But my friends the point is there is only one single option for me, I will take photos with this beauty, or I won’t take it all!

Enjoy the photos of this beauty, folks!