The Launch of the New Shepard and the Omega Speedmaster used by its Crew

After having watched the first flight of Virgin Galatic on the past 11th of July, yesterday 20th of July it was time to watch the first flight of Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos through the launch of the New Shepard rocket ship, in total it was just 10 minutes in which the ship ascended to the imaginary line (Karman line) that separates the earth’s atmosphere from outer space and returned safely by landing in the west Texas desert.

Inside of the New Shepard traveled Jeff Bezos, who assumed the role of flight commander, Mark Bezos his brother, Wally Funk former NASA, 82 years old (the most enthusiastic of the entire crew), and Oliver Daemen, the young Dutchman of just 18 years. The last two crew members, due to their different ages, became respectively the oldest and youngest people to travel to space.

And if like us, you were attentive to the unfolding of events, you certainly noticed that the crew’s wrists highlighted something insight, which by no coincidence resembled the time machine used by Neil Armstrong 52 years ago when he landed on the Moon, as it should already have noticed we are talking about the famous Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Well, the watch chosen and worn by the New Shepard crew was the same 1969 model, Ref. 310. the latest version of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch launched earlier this year with Hesalite glass and a gray velcro strap ornate with the Blue Origin logo. In addition to the personalized strap, the watch case back was also personalized with the engraving in the center of the Blue Origin New Shepard ship and above it, the historic “First Watch Worn on the Moon” and below “Blue Origin NS-16” and right after the name of the respective crew member.

According to Fratello, all crew members were also equipped with a second Omega Speedmaster X-33 Skywalker, Ref. 318. also affixed with a custom gray Velcro strap with the Blue Origin logo.

Let’s hope that soon Omega will make available images of the watches so that we can share them here.