Latest Christmas Gift suggestions on the Budget

Arrived here and a few days before Christmas, the countdown begins to make purchases of the last gifts, Christmas should be mainly a pleasant moment with our families and those we love the most and not so much the act of exchanging gifts, but giving and receiving is also an act of love and above all seeing the reaction of those who receive the gifts can be a very pleasurable act, it is clear for our actions to produce a positive result, it means having the homework done, which is not always easy. On this subject, we recently listened to Mark Cho, co-founder of The Armory, which we follow and appreciate very much, saying his first gift rule is “it must be something they would love to have, but they never wanted to spend money on it themselves” and we totally agree.

So today we decided to bring five gift suggestions in the budget, all under € 100. Double it, because first, we are going to give five suggestions for watches, as expected, and secondly, we are going to give five other suggestions that are not watches, but that are related.

Let’s go straight to the fun part and starting with the watches, the criteria chosen are that they are all good and reliable watches and that together they can constitute an affordable collection and that is why we decided to choose among them a Diver, a Dress, a Beater, a Chronograph and a Fun watch.

The first suggestion is the Vostok (Boctok in Russian), a Russian watchmaking brand, founded in 1942 that supplied watches to the military forces of the Soviet Union in 1965, the brand specializes in the production of mechanical watches and watches movements. These watches are very well made and very reliable considering the price they cost, which usually varies between € 55 and € 125, the variants on the case, dials and bezel are numerous, as well as the decoration on the dials that show many signs from the Soviet era which gives them a historic vibe to the watch. The two most popular watch models from Vostok are the “Komandirskie” and the “Amphibia”. So, our first choice is for an Amphibia Vostok and it will be the diving watch we have chosen for our collection. This watch features, a 41mm stainless steel case, automatic movement, 200m waterproof, steel bracelet and a price of € 92.

The second suggestion is the Seiko 5 SNKL15, who does not remember the Seiko 5 SNKL28 that received numerous compliments and that even deserved an article at Hodinkee that dubbed it a $ 1 million watch, well, for a long time these watches were sold out for the reasons obvious, but now we are able to discover some variants that are not supposed to be available for a long time, we chose the model with the silver dial because it seemed to be the most interesting and versatile and so it will be our everyday or dress watch in the collection. Its main features are 38mm stainless steel case, 7S26 Caliber automatic movement, 30m water resistance, day/date complications, steel bracelet and a price of € 99.

The third suggestion that will be our beater watch in the collection is the Timex Allied LT 40mm Gunmetal Green, this watch has a military look and comes with a matt dial with the useful Indiglo light and a strap that fits very well with the set. Its main features are a 40mm lead brass case, quartz movement, day complication and green fabric bracelet. The price is € 99 but these days are 20% off and therefore can be purchased for € 80.

Our fourth suggestion, as it could not be missing, is a Casio G-Shock that will be the chronograph of the collection, we decided to choose one of the most appreciated and sought-after models this year, the GA-2100-1AER, this watch is the finest among the G -Shock and is often nicknamed Casio Royal Oak due to similarities in shape with the AP Royal Oak. Its main characteristics are 48.5mm x 45.8mm x 11.8mm resin case, quartz movement, 5 alarms, world time, stopwatch, day indicator, 200m water resistance, resin bracelet and a price of € 99.

Our fifth and final choice is the fun watch from the collection and is especially suitable for those who do not like to bring a lot of equipment in their pocket, it is the Swatch Pay, which was launched a few weeks ago and which you can read more about here. The variant we choose is the SVIR101-5300, which is presented in a burgundy hue. Its main features are  47.4mm x 41mm x 9.85mm resin case, quartz movement, 30m water resistance, resin bracelet and a price of € 85.

Now, five quick suggestions related to watches, but which are not watches, as promised:

A spring bar tool from Bergeon, the prestigious Swiss brand, which allows you to easily replace the bracelet or strap of your watches. It is very affordable considering its quality, which we found at a price of € 22.49 on Amazon.

A Warrington stainless steel bracelet from WatchGecko, is a very beautiful bracelet in the style of the jubilee that fits very well with the main diving watches, but not only and that is available from £ 88 (around € 96).

Some NATO straps from Cheapestnatostraps, there are countless possibilities but the ones we chose were the nylon single pass handles because all watch enthusiast need extra straps. When buying five we get a 20% discount, the five are for around € 64.50.

A suede watch bag from Bark & ​​Jack, because we all need to store our watches at home or when we travel, they are available from £ 49 (around € 53.50).

Two books, “A Man and His Watches” and, “A Man and His Cars” from BooKDepository, both tell very interesting stories of people and their watches and another of people and their cars. Each of these books is available from € 28.50.