The Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, one of the most beautiful cars built by Ferrari

In 1952 the Ferrari 250 was born, one of the most beautiful cars built by Ferrari, which remained in production until 1964. The Ferrari 250 was developed as a road vehicle, but also as a competition vehicle, it was one of the last cars produced in which its driver could drive it from home to the race where he was going to compete and drive it home again. This series has seen numerous variants over the 12 years it has been in production and was characterized by using a 3.0 L 2.953 cc engine, the “Colombo V12”. The Ferrari 250 has been quite successful with countless victories in different races over the years, highlighting the three consecutive victories in the Tour de France Automobile.

But the variant we address today is the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB (short-wheelbase) coming into the market in 1959 with the factory reference 539, designed by Pininfarina and produced by Scaglietti, is built on a 2400 mm chassis base and two variants resulted, the ‘passo lungo’ or LWB (long-wheelbase) with 2600 mm chassis and the ‘passo corto’ or SWB with 2,400 mm chassis. The first SWB models were built in aluminium and later became an exclusivity for competition versions, it was also the first Ferrari to be produced as a road car to be equipped with disc brakes, in total only 165 units were produced.

In August 2019, the prestigious auction house RM Sotheby’s sold for $ 8,145,000 an exemplar of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta by Scaglietti, the exemplar sold was from 1962 the last year of its production and was the 132nd unit produced with the chassis number 3359 GT, being one of the 40 units produced with steel chassis.

In September last year, the British of GTO Engineering announced that they will produce and market a faithful replica of the mythical Ferrari 250 GT SWB that will be called “250 SWB Revival”, a production of 30 units is planned, each unit expected to cost around 1 million Euros. Production will be based on the original drawings and measurements, tubular chassis, aluminium body and a V12 engine in 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 L.

Auxietre&Schmidt has one of these incredible models for sale, built-in 1961, it was 78th model produced with the chassis number 2563 GT. This exemplar was initially sold to an Italian and later met several other owners over the years and participated in some competitions, it currently belongs to an important collection of Ferraris, its entire history was being documented and is accompanied by the Ferraris Classics Certificate. More information is available here.


Credits from Stephan Bauer for A&S.