Rolex Acquires Bucherer

Rolex has just acquired the entire operation of Bucherer, the renowned Swiss watch and jewellery retailer.

Bucherer was founded in 1888 and has become one of the world’s largest and most prestigious watch retailers, including brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Swatch Group, Richemont, LVMH, among many others.

The company has a strong presence in Europe, with multiple boutiques in major cities such as Lucerne, Zurich, Paris, and London, with more than a hundred strategic points of sale.

In 2018 Bucherer acquired the Tourneau group for over 350 million dollars.

It should be remembered that the relationship between Rolex and Bucherer has almost a century of history, with the Swiss watch brand present in more than fifty Bucherer boutiques and the same happening with its Tudor brand.

Many questions arise: Are we witnessing a vertical integration by Rolex, in order to control the points of sale and scale the operation of its two brands? And how will the other giants – competitors and big retailers react? All of these are questions that only time can answer, we just have to keep an eye out for the next moves.