Hodinkee announces a new CEO

Hodinkee through a press release has just announced its new CEO Toby Bateman, former leader of Mr. Porter. This announcement was made by Ben Clymer himself, the Founder and now former CEO of Hodinkee, who takes the opportunity to enlighten and calm the followers of Hodinkee, that it is not about his removal from the company, but rather to free him from his time to do what he likes most and that is the true essence of Hodinkee, that is, telling stories and spending more time with the watch community.


This press release also served to announce some more news in the Hodinkee universe, such as the hiring of a new editorial head, Nick Marino and raised $ 40 Milion in a new investment round.


Ben Clymer’s departure from the limelight had been noticed for some time, then he made rare appearances and wrote one or another more important article for Hodinkee. This news could thus mean a new turning point for Hodinkee and the return of its leader doing what we’ve always been used to and we, as members of that community, can only be satisfied and say that Ben Clymer is very welcome and already needed.