Meet The Aston Martin Valiant: A Limited-Edition Masterpiece

Aston Martin has unveiled the Valiant, a limited-edition model created by their special projects department, Q by Aston Martin. Originally designed exclusively for Fernando Alonso, the Valiant’s strong interest led to a limited run of just 38 units.

The Valiant is based on the Aston Martin Valor, inheriting several components. It features a 745 hp V12 engine (29 hp more than the Valor) and 753 Nm of torque, coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox. Alonso’s input is evident in the car’s tuning, making it highly track-focused and significantly lighter.

To achieve weight reduction, the Valiant includes a 3D-printed rear subframe, competition-grade lithium-ion battery, and 21″ magnesium wheels. Additional structural modifications have further reduced weight. The exterior is predominantly carbon fibre, enhancing aerodynamics and downforce.

Inside, the Valiant continues the weight-saving mission with carbon fibre elements and a new steering wheel. The gearshift control reveals the mechanism, adding to the car’s distinctive interior.

Positioned among Aston Martin’s elite models like the Valkyrie and Vantage, the Valiant stands out for its refined driving dynamics and advanced technology. The car is designed for optimal track performance while remaining road-usable. Notable features include Le Mans-inspired wheel covers and four titanium exhaust outlets that enhance the V12’s sound.

Deliveries are expected to start later this year, with an estimated price of £2 million ($2.54 million) before taxes. The Valiant will debut at the Goodwood Festival from July 11-14, with Fernando Alonso at the wheel.


Photo Credits: Aston Martin


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