The Bulgari used by Al Pacino in “Heat”

In 1995 the movie “Heat” written and produced by Michael Main was released in theatres. This police drama takes place in Los Angeles, where several crimes are committed by a criminal group specializing in large robberies, the group is led by Neil McCauley played by Robert de Niro, across the wall is the Detective Lt. Vincent Hanna, perform by Al Pacino, who leads the investigation with the aim of stopping the criminal acts of that group.

The film was a blockbuster, not only for the excellent interpretation of these two actors but also for the scenes of intense action, it is during one of these gunfire scenes, that we can spot Al Pacino or more concretely the Detective Lieutenant Vincent Hanna wearing a Bulgari chronograph on his wrist.

The watch in question is the Bulgari Diagono CH35S, 35mm steel case, inverted panda black dial, which in the light looks more navy blue, three silver counters, quartz movement and leather strap. The watch, despite the small size for a chronograph, looks quite robust thanks to its steel bezel engraved with “Bulgari” around it.

If you like action movies, this film is really worth watching or reviewing, but if you are interested in the watch even though it was discontinued a long time ago, the good news is that you can easily find on sale second-hand from €850. But if the 35mm looks small or a little out of season, you can always opt for the Bulgari Aluminum Chrono ref. 103383 which is very similar to the model used by Al Pacino in Heat. The watch comes with a 40mm aluminium case, white (beige) panda dial, with three black counters, black rubber bezel engraved with “Bulgari” around. Internally it has an automatic manufactured movement and comes with a black rubber strap, it can be purchased for €4,250.