Akillis Debuts In Portugal

Akillis has made its grand entrance into Portugal, showcasing its exquisite jewellery collections through the renowned Machado Joalheiro boutiques. Machado Joalheiro has long been a pioneer in setting the latest trends in the world of jewellery, making it the perfect stage for Akillis’ debut in the country.

Portugal, with its rich heritage in the world of jewellery, warmly embraces Akillis in two key cities: Lisbon and Porto. These cities are not only hubs of cultural and artistic appreciation but are also home to ardent admirers of French craftsmanship. Here, these fans will have the incredible opportunity to explore and follow the Akillis brand intimately.

Established in 2007, the esteemed French jewellery house Akillis exudes a vibrant energy that is reflected in its collections. These collections embody a spirited manifesto of independence, mirroring the unique personality of its founder, Caroline Gaspard.

Akillis is renowned for crafting exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces. Their ateliers are dedicated to working with the finest materials, including gold, titanium, diamonds, and precious gemstones. These materials form the foundation of four distinct collections: Capture Me, Puzzle, Bang Bang Noir, Python and Animal Tattoo, catering to both women and men.