1. David Robinson
    April 12, 2021 @ 15:56

    I am thinking of buying a pelagos 2017 model LHD with box and papers for £2500 pre-owned, Is that a reasonable price? Also if I was to sell on would I get around £2850 – £3000?
    Or would I be better off thinking long term investment?
    Appreciate your response.


      April 18, 2021 @ 23:44

      Hello, thank you very much for contacting us. Regarding the Pelagos you intend to buy, we think that the asking price is interesting and if the watch is in good condition it may be a good deal, keep in mind if the purchase is made through an accredited watch dealer that is ok, but if it is from a private individual we advise you to ask an opinion from a watchmaker you trust to avoid surprises. If you want to sell, the indicated value range can be obtained through a private buyer, but hardly at a watch dealer. Long-term investment seems to us to be the best option since both the Black Bay and the Pelagos, has been devaluing little and over time they may come to appreciate.


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