Week under Review: Mido, Nomos, Patek Philippe, Swatch, Zodiac…

Today we are introducing a new section – Week in Review, where we will make a small retrospective on the new releases that happened and, at the same time, our thoughts on these new pieces.

Let’s start with something funny for the summer days, the Swatch System51 Hodinkee Summer Edition, on this new edition we can find a full crisp white combo (strap, case and dial), with interesting details in black, deep blue and light blue on the dial. This is not a small watch in it’s 42mm in diameter, but we can’t forget we are in the summer and the weather invites us to uncover our arms and having something cool on the wrist, it fits with almost all summer outfits, doesn’t matter if you go to the beach or if you go to the countryside, another of its advantages, as it could not be, is to be waterproof and just for $170. The good news doesn’t stop here, if you have kids, don’t worry because Swatch thought about it too, and launch the perfect combo to the Swatch, the Flik Flak Hodinkee Summer Edition, with a baby blue dial in the center and white around it, with big hours marked, small minutes scale and with hands to match, all these elements in black, deep blue and light blue and to finish a striped nylon bracelet in deep and light blue, and this small guy for just $40.

Another launch this week is the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Limited Edition, this is another watch that invites you to summer days and is a diver watch. This production resulted from a “research” of the brand among the public, therefore, the colour scheme is what we can observe, a white dial (I would say almost a salmon tone) and a half orange and half white bezel, with a navy blue hour scale, on the dial, highlighting the orange GMT hand and a case diameter of only 40mm. As in previous models, this watch is ISO certified for diving that allows 200m of water resistance, the bad news is that only 282 pieces were produced and for a price of US $1,695, so if you want, you must hurry up.

One more alternative for summer days is Mido, through the Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 ‘Rainbow Diver’, another reissue of a diver’s watch. This watch was first launched in 1961, with its exclusive rainbow dial, representing a precise set of scales essential for diving. In this new edition, the water resistance has been reduced to 200m, but now it has a screw-down crown and only 40.5mm in diameter (the brands finally seem to be listening to the public) and much-appreciated 80h of power reserve, like the Zodiac, this Mido is also a limited edition, but with 1,961 pieces (to commemorate the year of birth) and for a price of $1,250. With so many colours on your wrist, who can be boring today?

So, let’s break now with all the funny humour and bring something serious to the table, the Patek Philippe Ref. Chronograph 5370P-011 Split-Seconds, to which we will return in another article this week, this is probably one of the most interesting pieces ever made by the brand. It was first launched in 2015 in black and is now in deep blue, with interesting improvements to something that was already almost perfect. This is a chronograph with rattrapante complications, with 41mm white gold case and 30m water resistance, it can be the perfect piece for a special dinner on vacation or just wasting time watching its beautiful movement through the rear sapphire glass. Dessert for last, the price, $263,093.

The last of the releases we are talking about today is the Three Nomos Limited Edition Ludwig Models, which pays homage to 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte. Of all the watches presented above, they are probably the most formal. These new editions were made to commemorate 175 years of German tradition watchmaking and were made in three different sizes: 35, 39 and 41mm. These pieces come with a white dial with a Roman hour index and a rail-track, a second’s sub-dial at 6 o’clock and deep blue hands; the 41mm edition also has a day window at 3 o’clock, all of these models come with a black leather strap. Each size is limited to 175 pieces and prices are proportional to the size: $ 2,260, $ 3,800 and $ 4,200.

Credits by Hodinkee, Mido, Nomos, Patek Philippe and Zodiac.