Parchie has just Arrived! A new Watch Brand for Kids.

Earlier this year we saw Cara Barrett, former editor of Hodinkee leaving the company, it was an unexpected change for the watch community, but a few days later Cara shared on her social media that something new was coming, it was the first step towards unveiling his new project, creating a new brand of children’s watches, the Parchie.

According to the founder, the idea was to build a new watch brand that would fill a gap in the watch market for children, helping them to learn to read the time and at the same time making them enter this hobby as a funny thing and for an affordable price.

With regard to design, special attention was given to creating something different from what is already on the market, something appealing and closed to watches worn by adults, the result was the creation of a watch inspired by diving watches with an analog dial, with the purpose of awakening in children the importance of time in their daily lives.

About specifications, the new Parchie initially comes with three models, in green, pink, and blue (more colors are expecting in the fall), all with a 32 mm lightweight aluminum case, fixed bezel engraved with an Arabic scale of 12 hours, oversized crown at 3 o’clock and water resistance of 30 meters. The dials come in yellow for the green variant and white for the pink and blue variants. Inside, batons hour markers and minutes hand matching with the case color, orange hour hand in the green and blue variants and in blue in the pink variant all matching with the color of the Arabic numbers on the bezel and a blue central seconds hand. The watch is powered by the quartz movement Seiko PC21J. The watches coming with a Nato strap with Velcro, in green for the green, in yellow for the pink, and in blue for the blue. The new Parchie’s watches are available for a price of $50.


What We Think

We like it, as it is a real alternative to common brands like Flik-Flak and Timex for children, prices seem to be in line with the market, maybe a little high, but we must not forget that we are talking about different materials, aluminum cases are more expensive than resign cases. We were delighted with the small details like the oversized crown for the little fingers, the Nato straps with Velcro to not give up or get in the way, and the option to change the straps. We are excited about what is to come.


More details here.